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... here is the smile at home !

The happiness of essentials:
Let yourself go for it! And (experience) at the Tannenhof with all your senses the refreshing of genuine cordiality.

The power and closeness to nature.
Our hotel wants to be a place of power for you: sun for the soul with the power of the elements.

Glimpses of light:
In wonderfully bright rooms and the warmth of your Tannenhof spirits.

Earth connection:
In the dreamlike garden and the wonderful nature around the hotel!
Edible life force from excellent with hoods awarded, top cuisine.

And of course water! The life element revitalized water from the Grander well as personal energy water is ready for you in the spa area.

Your dream of new energy, just make it come true.

The above-average warm, personal atmosphere. Stylish rooms & suites, harmonious down to the last detail. Excellent top cuisine, served in bright restaurants & Stüberl.

The brochure of the Parkhotel Tannenhof makes you look forward to wellness, culinary delights and relaxing vacations in the beautiful Allgäu at 1000m altitude with strong mountain air. Let us inspire you! We are looking forward to you...

Curious now?

Take a virtual tour of Oy-Mittelberg and our hotel and be inspired by our rooms and the entire hotel area with restaurant, wellness treatments and the hotel lobby!

Superior " exklusiv"
GMP Verband deutscher Köche Wanderbares Deutschland Primavera
We are certified Association of German
Our house is
Primavera scented
GMP Hauben Verband deutscher Köche